HOW-TO: Luminous Platinum Hair Color With a Modern Twist

by Staff Writer | October 1, 2018
Color: Daniele Caltagirone Paul Maffi
Color: Daniele CaltagironePaul Maffi

This luminous platinum color from Alfaparf Milano brings a modern twist to a timeless trend.


Natural level 6

Formula 1: 30 g BB Bleach Easy Lift with 60 g 20-volume O’xido

Formula 2: 30 g .02 Evolution3 Harmonizers + 5 g .01 Evolution3 Harmonizers + 2 g (4 pumps) .21 Va Pigments with 70 g 10-volume O’xido

  1. Starting at the nape, take fine sections and isolate with clips. Apply Formula 1 on lengths and ends, working about ½ inch from the scalp.
  2. Apply Formula 1 to new growth. Process 50 minutes to reach level 10. Rinse and shampoo, then blow dry hair thoroughly.
  3. Apply Formula 2 to all hair; process 20 minutes. Shampoo and finish with a pH balancer.


Color: Daniele Caltagirone
Style: Armando Cherillo
Photographer: Paul Maffi
Makeup: Martina d’Andrea

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