HOW-TO: Extended Shadow Root Technique

by MODERN Staff | October 1, 2018

Emphasizing the high contrast between natural and surreal, this extended shadow root technique from Scruples seamlessly transitions from a neutral dark root to cool blue ends.



Natural level 5

Formula 1: 1 part Power Blonde 9 + Lightening Powder with 2 parts Pure OXI 30-volume creme developer

Formula 2: ½ oz True Integrity Opalescent Creme Colour level 4 Neutral + ½ oz level 4 Blackberry + 1/8 oz Graphite Intensifier with 1½ oz Pure Oxi 10-volume creme developer

Formula 3: ½ oz True Integrity Opalescent Creme Colour level 1 Ash + 2 oz Creme Booster + ¾ oz Clear with 2 oz Pure Oxi 20-volume creme developer

Formula 4: 1 oz Power Blonde Conditioning Gel Toners Mist + 1/8 oz True Integrity Opalescent Creme Colour Blue Intensifier with 1 oz Pure Oxi 10-volume creme developer


  1. Create a long stretched root using Formula 2. Then apply the Formula 1 lightener from mid-lengths to ends, melting it into Formula 2. Process 30 minutes, checking frequently. Rinse and shampoo.
  2. Alternate slices of Formulas 3 and 4 on pre-lightened hair.
  3. Immediately apply Formula 2 to the bangs, from base to ends. Process 30 minutes and rinse.


Creative director: Mia Liguori, Scruples co-president creative
Color: Jeffrey James, Scruples artistic education specialist
Cut: Katie Nielsen, Scruples global design team director
Styling: Katie Nielsen, Scruples global design team director
Photographer: Jake Thompson
Makeup: Jaimie Schnacky

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