Hair: Aloxxi Artistic Team
Hair: Aloxxi Artistic TeamMaarten de Boer

Expressive, playful vibes pair with sophisticated undertones to create these Aloxxi hair colors that are experimental, tactile and fun.



Natural level 6, pre-lightened to pale yellow

Formula 1: 10 g Tones Clear + 2 g Tones 6RK with 12 g 7-volume activator

Formula 2: 20 g Clear + 2 g Red Gem + 2 g Copper Gem with 48 g 7-volume activator

Formula 3: 20 g Clear + 2 g Red Gem + 3 g Copper Gem + 1 g Violet Gem with 48 g 7-volume activator

Formula 4: 15 g 10V + 5 g Violet Gem + 5 g Clear with 25 g 7-volume activator


  1. Create a pinwheel shape with nine sections, starting at the crown. Then create a crescent shape in the fringe. Rotate the application of Formulas 1, 2 and 3 around the pinwheel.
  2. Apply Formula 4 to the crescent area in the fringe. Process 20 minutes, then rinse.


Hair: Aloxxi Artistic Team
Photographer: Maarten de Boer
Makeup: Noel Nichols


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