HOW-TO: Jewel-Toned Blue-Infused Dipped Ends

by MODERN Staff | October 3, 2018
Hair: CHI Elite Artist Cynthia Diersen
Hair: CHI Elite Artist Cynthia Diersen

This multi-toned inspiration from Farouk Systems captures jewel-toned radiance and mystique.


Natural level 7, pre-lightened to level 8


Formula 1: 2 oz CHI Shine Shades 9S + 3 caps of 1N with equal parts CHI 10-volume Color Generator

Formula 2: CHI Blue Additive (used alone)


  1. Line up a comb with the center of the nose to create a clean center parting from fringe to nape. Part hair from ear to ear to create quadrants.
  2. Apply Formula 1 at the base along the parting, gently feathering down toward the mid-lengths. Repeat on opposite side of the parting.
  3. Move to the nape, and create diagonal-forward subsections. Apply Formula 1 at the base. Work up the head until you reach the top of the quadrant. Next, within the same quadrant, apply Formula 1 to the mid-lengths and ends, using your fingers to saturate and blend.
  4. Repeat the application of Formula 1 on the opposite back quadrant. Then move to the two front quadrants and repeat.
  5. Use Formula 2 to paint directly over Formula 1, starting at the nape and focusing on ends. This will create the dipped-ends look. Use fingers to thoroughly melt Formula 2 into the strands. Process 30 minutes.


Hair: CHI Elite Artist Cynthia Diersen
Photographer: Mohammed Ghanayem
Makeup: Jannette Marin

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