HOW-TO: Soft Copper Apricot Hair Color

by Staff Writer | October 3, 2018
Color: Kate Reid
Color: Kate Reid

In this Color.Me by Kevin Murphy look, soft copper with an apricot reflect creates an upbeat feeling that suits warm-to-natural skin tones.


Natural level 6

Formula 1: Color.Me by Kevin Murphy 50 g Cream.Lightener with 100 g Cream.Activator 6%

Formula 2: 50 g Clear + 5 g 7.46 + 7g 8.4 + Orange with 96 g Cream.Activator 3%


  1. Apply Formula 1 in foils, using a full-head application and back-to-back slices that are so fine you can see through them. Process 50 minutes to lighten hair to pale-yellow level 9 or lighter.
  2. Rinse, shampoo, apply a porosity equalizer and dry.
  3. Apply Formula 2 all over; process 20 minutes. Rinse, shampoo and style.


Color: Kate Reid
Style: Kevin Murphy, James Nicholson and Craig Hughan
Photographer: Luis Murphy
Makeup: Hristina Georgievska

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