Maggie Mulhern and Harmony Beus.
Maggie Mulhern and Harmony Beus.

At Aveda Congress 2018 - held recently in Minneapolis, Minnesota, MODERN's Maggie Mulhern caught up with the very fabulous and engaging Harmony Beus, hairdresser and now YouTube star. According to Beus, she's been doing it all incorrectly. "I met with a YouTube analytics person who gave me all the best practices to create successful videos. Apparently there are much better ways to do these."

It seems that whatever she's been doing has been working - and working well. As of this writing, her Harmonize_Beauty channel has close to 140,000 subscribers checking out her 24 posts. "How To Get BIG Straight Hair" has 1.2 million views while "BIG Straight Hair With a Side Part" already has 117K views after posting just seven days ago. All of these videos are created directly for the client, demo-ing step by step at-home hairstyling techniques. Using all professional products and tools, Beus uses herself as the model (she's gorgeous with gorgeous hair) showing everyone tuning in that a professional looking finish is possible by using her tricks and tips.

"I just don't understand why hairdressers aren't teaching their clients how to do their hair at home," says Beus. "Based on the questions I get I realize there is a need for this kind of education. We have to teach our clients how to do their hair between visits." According to Beus, this is a missed opportunity.

Beus shows that it does take some effort to turn a great cut into something even more fabulous. "Yes, my videos are long - which apparently is one of the no-no's," she adds. "I also hold the phone vertically! I am not taping in a professional studio and my dog comes to visit frequently." According to Beus, this is all wrong, wrong, wrong.

In this video, Beus continues with her how-to education, telling anyone interested in how-to do it right, right, right. Here she offers tips to the professional salon pro on how-to create perfect videos to upload on your own YouTube channel:

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