How-To: Glam Holiday Lashes

The festivities have begun! The company party, Friends-giving, the annual neighborhood tree-trimming open house—your clients have places to go and reasons to get dressed up! Make sure their lashes are holiday-ready with this glamorous lash design by NovaLash Ambassador Josephine Blankstein. “Encourage every client to add some bling with NovaLash Candied Lashes during the holidays,” Josephine suggests. “And consider upgrading their regular lashes with longer or thicker lash looks.”

Prep with the following tools and materials:

  • NovaLash American Volume  lash extensions: C curl 0.05mm, lengths 8mm and 14mm; D curl 0.05mm, lengths: 8mm,10mm,12mm,14mm
  • NovaLash Candied Lashes: Custom trimming determined by the lash artist
  • NovaLash Bottom Lashes - B curl NovaMinx, lengths 6mm, 8mm
  • NovaLash forceps : Dumont Fine Tip Forceps 1 curved, 1 straight, and 1 volume; Straight Forceps (Diamond Dusted)
  • Adhesive: NovaLash Platinum Bond-High Speed for American Volume and Candied Lashes, Sensi5tive Eyes Adhesive for bottom lashes.
  • Eye gel patch with under-eye stickers
  • Parafilm sheet with double-sided tape and gloves
  • AirNova
  • The Reflector, mascara brush and scissors
  • The Aura to balance humidity levels, allowing optimum drying and curing of the adhesive.
  • NovaLash 24 Hour Cream Shadow Triptychs in Garden of Eden with JETliner eyeliner pencil.

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