See how @hairbyfranco used his new favorite--PRAVANA VIVIDS Everlasting--to create this pastel...

See how @hairbyfranco used his new favorite--PRAVANA VIVIDS Everlasting--to create this pastel pink and magenta shade with a deep violet shadow root.

Franco Hernandez (@hairbyfranco) has a brand-new treat in his hair color bag of tricks and he says it was everlasting love at first sight. “It’s the new VIVIDS Everlasting from PRAVANA,” Franco reveals. “They’re amazing. They bridge the gap between permanent creme hair color and direct dye. You can use them on their own for extra pop and tonal payoff, or you can get VIVIDS-style results by adding them to your VIVIDS ChromaSilk permanent crème color formulas. And because they’re intermixable with ChromaSilk, you can offer your clients an unlimited range of custom colors.”

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Franco recently created this rosy color design, featuring a deeper violet root shadow and pastel magenta and pink lengths, for an exclusive Facebook Live for Modern Salon.

Here’s a quick recap of his how-to, followed by some of his tried and true VIVIDS Everlasting tips.


Original Level: 7

Root shadow: VIVIDS Everlasting Mystic Magenta + ChromaSilk 8.22 + 20 Volume Creme Developer.
Midlengths and ends/Formula A: VIVIDS Everlasting Enchanted Pink + VIVIDS Everlasting Pastel Potion + 10 Volume Creme Developer
Midlengths and ends/Formula B: VIVIDS Everlasting Mystic Magenta + VIVIDS Everlasting Pastel Potion + 10 Volume Creme Developer


  1. Create a horseshoe-shaped parting to divide the top and bottom of the head and clip away the top.
  2. Divide the bottom in vertical sections. Apply the root shadow formula to the new growth and extend it downward slightly.
  3. Apply the first midlengths and ends formula to the first section, brushing it onto the hair, then blending the root formula and midlengths formula with the thumb of a gloved hand.
  4. Apply the second midlengths and ends formula to the next section and continue alternating the two pastel formulas around the head until all sections are complete.
  5. Release the top section. Working in horizontal sections across the top of the head, continue applying the root and midlength formulas to sliced sections. Wrap the top sections in foil to keep the color application clean.
  6. Process 30 minutes and remove.

Franco’s Tips

  • Vertical slices produce the best results for a natural-looking shadow root effect. Remember, the head is round, not square, so always try to work with the natural fall of the hair and the natural shape of the head.
  • The best tonal payoffs will be on a Level 7 or higher, so prelighten the hair if necessary.
  • The standard processing time for VIVIDS Everlasting is the same as for PRAVANA ChromaSilk Permanent Crème Color--30 minutes. However, you can process the hair up to 45 minutes for more depth of tone.
  • Use PRAVANA Pastel Potion to dilute your VIVIDS Everlasting formulas to create the creamy pastel shades clients love.
  • Remember, VIVIDS Everlasting should be treated like permanent color. It oxidizes and must be mixed with 10, 20 or 30 volume developer, depending on the desired level of vibrancy.

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