The Secret to Perfect Special Occasion Updos? Tape-In Extensions

by Jamie Newman | December 10, 2018
Saretta Bowerman used GL Tapes as a base for this rose-braidedstyle. Saretta Bowerman
Saretta Bowerman used GL Tapes as a base for this rose-braidedstyle.Saretta Bowerman

Holiday soirées, New Year’s celebrations and winter weddings all invite a wonderland of whimsical styles. To get inspired, we enlisted all-star updo artists to create party-ready looks with a foundation of Great Lengths’ newest offering—GL Tapes tape-in extensions.

Saretta Bowerman (@hairbysaretta) and Heidi Marie Garrett Villa (@heidimariegarrett) are each known for their special-occasion styles and braids, and they agree that extensions give them more creative freedom for their unique aesthetics.

GL Tapes work to bulk up braids, amp up volume and add length. They contain the same high-quality Indian Remy Great Lengths hair found in the premium bonded extension products. Every strand retains its valuable cuticle layer from root to tip.

This is especially important to Bowerman’s long, full, waved styles and big party ponies.

“I’m obsessed with the small width yet density of these new GL Tapes,” Bowerman says in her caption on Instagram. “They are double drawn meaning they are as thick on the ends as they are at the base giving you an incredible amount of volume with less pieces. Win, Win!”

Due to the quality of the hair, GL Tapes can be reused multiple times. With proper care, they can last up to eight weeks. They can be used as single- or double-tape attachments.

For Garrett Villa’s styles, GL Tape’s small attachment sites are a key to ensuring smooth, flawless, discreet application results.

Shawn Wiley and his barber Johnny Marciano celebrate his new hair growth.


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