Color How-To: Bronde Blend

This photo from Chicago-based artist Joel Cisneros @joeldoeshair initially caught our eyes because of the surprise peek-a-boo baby! But as soon as we noticed the absolutely stunning bronde color melt, too, we knew we just had to post it to our Instagram and Facebook pages. After it's success, we reached out to Cisneros to share his formula and steps.

"My client came to me with a full set of highlights that were lifted up in between levels 7 and other parts 8, so she was in need of quite a correction," Cisneros says. "Her base was about a level 6. She asked me for a cool tone balayage hair color, so I openly told her through the consultation that I would have to bleach her hair first and see how much would be lifted because she did have multiple tones and highlights throughout."

In the parts where she needed more, Cisneros says he ended up using the teasing balayage technique and blended lighter where she needed to be lifted more.

"In this process I used Kenra Creme Lightener with 30 volumes," he says. "I was also weaving all the highlighter areas that didn’t need to be lifted anymore in order to not cause any breakage. Then, I started rinsing her hair using Kenra Platinum Revive Shampoo and Conditioner before starting to un-tease her hair and blow drying it to tone her hair dry. i ended up doing a colomelt technique."

His client had requested a darker shadow root with low maintenance as it grows out. He used 2 ounces of 3n from Kenra for her shadow root, 7vm from Kenra with violet booster to balance the color with 20 volumes on the midshaft of her hair. On midends, he mixed half of 7vm and 9vm to create 8vm with 20 volumes to get this final result. 

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