The $1,000 Color Correction: 9 Hours, 15 Bowls of Lightener and More Than 120 Foils

Jamie Dana @jamiedanahairstylist constantly dazzles us with her delivery of hair artistry, business smarts, and career advice. Take this hair color transformation, for instance.  Check out the stats on what was needed to turn this uneven head into platinum perfection. 

This process took:

- over 9 hours total

- 15 bowls of lightener

- 121+ foils

- 3 toners

"And I would have charged over $1000 to do this on a client!" Dana says. "Transformations like this are not quick or easy, so if you are going to do a color correction like this, make sure you CHARGE YOUR WORTH. Not only did this take me time and toooons of product, but it took years of experience and expertise to get her that blonde while still keeping the integrity of her hair."

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