Alyson Reck worked first at a “super high end” salon and then at a budget salon and neither felt...

Alyson Reck worked first at a “super high end” salon and then at a budget salon and neither felt right. After starting her family, she discovered The Salon by InStyle and found the perfect fit.

Immediately after beauty school, Alyson Reck (@alyreckxo) took a job at a super high-end salon. “It was beautiful,” she remembers. “One of those places where they serve you champagne.” But in her heart, Alyson knew it wasn’t the right place for her. Next, she went to work at a salon that catered to walk-ins with limited service options. “That wasn’t right either,” she remembers. Then she got pregnant and her career was put on hold.

A few years later, after taking a break to start her family, Alyson was ready to get back to work. But with two young kids, she needed flexibility and support from her salon. She found it at The Salon by InStyle inside JCPenney in Maumee, OH, where she is a Senior Designer. “I’m a mom first,” she says, “and they care about my family. If I need a day off for my son’s birthday my managers say, ‘It’s cool. You’re covered. Have an awesome time.’”

Yet as a serious-minded and ambitious stylist, Alyson is also looking for professional support. Again, she found it at The Salon by InStyle where training is ongoing. Stylists learn the latest techniques and brush up on fundamental skills in readily-available, free classes. “They’re really good at making sure you’ve mastered the basics, as well as helping us keep up with the newest trends,” she says. “That’s important because it’s your business to make sure you can provide your clients with the latest styles.”

At the Salon by InStyle Alyson also found a perfect business model for her life and her goals. “I always thought I wanted to be a booth renter, do my own thing,” she explains. “At the Salon by InStyle, you have the benefits of being a booth renter, only better. Once I hit the Master Designer level, I can control my hours. I can go home to my kids at 3 o’clock or come in late to help a client. It’s truly a wonderful program.”

There are many other perks associated with working for a company like JCPenney, like paid time off, insurance and a 401k. As a young mom, Alyson especially values the store discount. “It helps so much!” she says. “Kids’ clothes are expensive and my kids are growing so fast! And as a stylist, you have to make sure your clothes are in fashion. That’s another advantage to our discount.”

“I have a whole corporation behind me! The girls in the front of the store send their customers, the advertising is awesome. JCPenney supports us. I started with very few clients and in a very short time, I was promoted to Senior Designer. Now my goal is Master and I know it’s possible. I will never be done growing!”

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