Lash Artist of the Year 2018: Tonje Fjeldberg Elshaug
Lash Artist of the Year 2018: Tonje Fjeldberg ElshaugNovaLash

NovaLash is preparing to name their next LASHoff Artist, the ultimate lashionista, at their LASHoff ceremony in Houston, TX on February 8, 2018.  And to celebrate the past winners, we profile them here, asking them what qualities make a great lash artist:

Lash Artist of the Year 2018: Tonje Fjeldberg Elshaug

My salon: Owner of Glimt Lashes & Brows, Norway and Spain

Hometown: I grew up on the most beautiful island in Norway called Hitra.

 If I wasn’t a lash artist, I would be: It will be a job that involves helping others to find their best potential.  I like the freedom of being my own boss and work whenever and wherever I want. And I love to travel and explore places.

Hidden talent:  I love to decorate houses because I can use my creative side and knowledge about colors and design. And also to create art by painting pictures with use of my favorite colors. 

Person who inspires me, professionally: I am surrounded by so many inspiring and talented people in the network Team NovaLash. Its. like a loving family who want the best for each other. This team attract a sudden kind of goodhearted people. Most of all because our founder Sophy Merzsei.

How I relax: The best way for me to relax is to focus on a healthy mind. I manage my stress by being in the environment I love most like being with my family by the sea or to be with our horses. 

Now streaming/now reading:  Honestly my most read book is the NovaLash training manual.

And my latest streaming was "Vikings." it's about the brutal and mysterious world of the Viking warrior and farmer Ragnar Lothbrok. But my personal favorite and hero in the series is the Viking warrior and queen of Kattegat Lagertha. She was so an inspiring character when I was diagnosed by breast cancer and I needed to find the warrior and fighter inside me.

The three qualities that make for a  good lash artist :A good lash artist have a solid education, a special technique giving the clients a long-term result, giving advice about aftercare, steady hand, good vision, eye for design and face shape, access to high quality products and develops the skills by participate in advanced trainings, competitions etc.

The person I trust to do MY lashes: I only trust a NovaLash certified lash artist to do my lashes. This is because I know they have a solid education and using product and technique that not harm my natural lashes. I also love the natural style of American Volume. Then I know I will get the softest, water and oil proof lashes. My dearest lash artists is either Lauren Lord, Marte Fjeldberg or Christina Fjeldberg Elshaug. 

<strong>Lash Artist of the Year 2017: </strong>Sarah-Anne Barham

Lash Artist of the Year 2017: Sarah-Anne Barham

My salon: Owner of Sarah-Anne’s Beauty and Owner of Sarah-Anne's Beauty Distribution in Felixstowe, Suffolk, England

Director of Novalash UK, Master trainer for Novalash UK and Novalash Brand Ambassador 2017 & 2018 

Hometown: Felixstowe, Suffolk 

If I wasn’t a lash artist, I would be: Hands down a country western singer or taking centre stage in a West End musical show in London (that is if I could sing in tune...) I absolutely love anything musical theatre and country music is my life. I even listen to it when I lash my clients! 

Hidden talent (something I’m good at that not many people know about): My hidden talent that people are not generally aware of is I like to play tennis. I really enjoy the sport and I represented my state in the junior championships division throughout my youth. And to this day I still love the sport and enjoy watching tennis and go to Wimbledon as often as I can. I have so many childhood memories competing and travelling to different places with my team! 

Person who inspires me, professionally: My mother and father. They both inspire me every single day to work hard and to live life to the full. They inspire me to chase my dreams and never give up. I definitely got all my work ethic and motivation from them both. They opened the family business when they were only in their late teens and from this day, they still work as hard as they did back then. The family business, which is in carpets and flooring has been opened for almost 40 years now and continues to be a successful company throughout the U.K. 

How I relax: My ideal day would be a day at Royal Ascot horse racing whilst enjoying a glass of champagne and afternoon tea with my friends! 

Now streaming/now reading (pick whatever you’d like to answer or do both):

I love anything beauty! I can watch Youtube beauty bloggers all day for the latest tips and tricks or read the latest beauty magazines including my favourite Modern Salon! 

The three qualities that make for a  good lash artist:  

1-Having an eye for detail and being a true perfectionist. Always put 110% into your work!

2- The 4 Ps! Practice, patience, passion & persistence! 

 3- Always stay active across social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This is a very important factor for me because this is how I built my brand and business and continuous to do so for Novalash UK. (a quality a lash artists shouldn't forget about) 

The person I trust to do MY lashes: Shout out to all my talented team of lash artists at Sarah-Anne's Beauty who I've trained from day 1 to my very high standards following my 3 Ps!  Also to the eyelash king himself, NovaLash's Global master trainer Zachary Falb. 



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