This Stylist and Salon Owner Built a Killer Career with Vegan Hair Color

When your name is on the door, everything inside had better be right. And at A Thomas Cousins Salon in Mandeville, LA, everything works—from the friendly service to the scalp massages that earn raves on Yelp. The hair color also works—the team turns out a full range of client-satisfying services from grey coverage to subtle upgrades to major makeovers. And here’s a twist—Cousins and team do it all with Paul Mitchell Professional Color--a hair color range that’s not only effective and easy to use, it’s also cruelty-free and 100 percent vegan.

“I have been a stylist for 20 years and have been working with Paul Mitchell Professional Color for the past 18 years,” says Thomas (@thomascousins). “As a new hairstylist, Paul Mitchell the Color was easy for me to learn how to use and apply.  As my color knowledge has grown, so has the sophistication of Paul Mitchell’s color brands. Because of the diversity of color products available with Paul Mitchell, I am only limited by my own creativity!”

Nowadays clients are more focused than ever on healthy ingredients, so being able to offer vegan hair color gives Cousins a unique position as a salon owner. What’s more, he says, as a business owner, he benefits from ongoing coaching from Paul Mitchell on the business of hair color.

Intrigued? Check out Paul Mitchell’s Take a Test Drive Kits. You’ll get pure vegan Color XG and The Demi, plus a free balayage kit—enough to try out a full range of hair color trends. Visit


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