The very sparkly Sheri Doss, VP of Redken Education Worldwide, spends some of her spare time as a DJ.
The very sparkly Sheri Doss, VP of Redken Education Worldwide, spends some of her spare time as a DJ.


Sheri Doss is one sparkly lady. Known for her over-the-top rhinestone (or are they diamond?) glasses, Doss manages to shine wherever she goes. She began her career at 19 as a nail artist and then became a hair designer at age 23 saying “I see myself as a full service kind of a gal!”  Now, as VP of Redken Education Worldwide, Doss travels globally helping salon professionals realize the Redken motto that if they LEARN BETTER, they will EARN BETTER and ultimately LIVE BEST. 

Born and raised: I’m a Southern Cali baby - transplanted to the big apple. I love them both!

I am known for: Sparkles! 

I would love to makeover: I would love to makeover anyone who is feeling low or sad. My goal would be to help each to know that they are amazing and beautiful.

Favorite item in my wardrobe: My glasses. I have to wear them and decided they have to make me feel fabulous. My favorite designer is Anna Karin-Karlsson sunglasses. I pop out the lens and put my very sexy tri-focal transition lenses (LOL). I also love a good Gucci star.

If I hadn’t become a salon professional I would have: I would have become a high school math and English teacher.

Most people would be surprised that: I am great in the kitchen and DJ when the sun goes down.

My guilty pleasure: Tattoos - I love them! I add tiny details every now and then to appease my desire.

For inspiration I: I am inspired by so many things. I love going to anything experiential where I feel immersed in the moment. I find my mind is freed to just be present and that naturally opens my mind to be flooded with new ideas.

My mentor: I have been blessed to have several mentors in my life. My most special and prominent mentor is my mother. She is my hero. She has overcome so much with the best attitude of anyone I know. She believes you can have anything you want and believes you should always think positively. She raised me and my sister to believe in ourselves and to reach for the stars…she is amazing! She also gave me my best piece of advice, that I can do anything.

My style icon: I don’t really have a style icon per say. I go my own road, mix patterns and believe it’s never too early to sparkle. I believe in being me, and expressing myself, regardless of how anyone else sees it. I have my fair share of criticism for how I dress, but I don’t mind. I have fun. 

Every beauty professional should: I believe we should all have the desire to want to truly hear our clients, to address their needs and to help them transform their own lives by encouraging them.

My secret weapon: Connecting with people. My ultimate goal is to understand what someone wants and needs, and to serve them.

I relax by: I relax by sitting with my husband with a great glass of wine, playing cards and laughing. He is my happy place and the most supportive person who loves me in a way that I appreciate so very much.

Shout out to someone who helped me along the way: So many people have helped me and continue to help me however - I would like to recognize my husband. He is my rock, my best friend, my confidant and my little voice. He is there when I am having my best days as well as my most trying and I can’t imagine doing anything without him by my side.

My goal as a professional: My goal as a professional is to help all salon professionals to Live their Best lives! When I was 19, I wrote my personal mission statement, to learn something new every day and to help others to do the same so that they can live their best lives. When I met Redken, it was as if I was coming home, to a world of people with like minds that have the same goal to make this world a loving place where we serve others with a grateful heart and mind.

I became a salon professional because: My mother had salons while growing up. She struggled with the changing market and opened/closed several. I became a salon professional to help people like my mom to be successful and to reach their dreams and goals…to help them Learn Better, Earn Better and Live Best! 

I am most proud of: I am most proud of the amazing Redken Tribe that go out every day, transforming lives. They are so passionate about what they do.

For fun I: For fun I like to get in the kitchen, roll up my sleeves and create. I can picture flavors dancing in my mind, like the little chef in Ratatouille. I enjoy pairing them in unusual ways. I am known on a personal level on Instagram as @theseductivevegan where I share the dishes I create and highlight dishes I enjoy from around the world.

Favorite place on earth: Anywhere near water ….it soothes my soul.

My favorite styling trick or tip: I love to use Redken Powder Grip right after I finish styling my hair on the scalp area. It saves my style for the following day. 

The one tool or product I use most often: My favorite tool is the Sam Villa straight iron to smooth my naturally curly hair and show off the shine.

The talent I would most like to have is: I would love to be able to sing…I mean really really sing! I want to knock it out of the park at karaoke!

The one word or phrase I overuse:  Well, I use “Schmickle” a lot… describe when I am doing something that really has no point…..Schmickling around, I am being a schmickle Otherwise, I would say a phrase I use but would not consider it “overuse” is “Learn Better. Earn Better. Live BEST!”

My motto: Live.Laugh.Love...without worrying about getting anything in return. It warms the soul and grows the heart!

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