From grown-out and faded to rich and radiant.
From grown-out and faded to rich and radiant.


Madi Belle Hair @madibellehair from Colorado Springs, CO is a “mermaid and unicorn maker” but in this transformation, she took a faded, grown-out mermaid and made her a righteous, ready-to-take-on-the-world redhead.

“This was by far the most intense color correction of my career!" Madi says. "Thankful this babe's hair was very healthy and she was down to cut a bunch off! 🙏 So! Once we got a big portion cut off, we got to WERK! 😉"

THE PROCESS STEP ONE: “First we used Pulp Riot Blank Canvas and 6 volume encapsulated in some foil for the full 30 minutes and we got to the yellow peachy tones which I could utilize in our goal canvas!”

STEP TWO: "Used Pulp Riot Faction8 4-00 & 5-00 with 10 volume for the dark blending down and mixed 2 formulas in red:  5-66 with -66 booster and 30 volume for the root and the same for the ends but with 10 volume."

“With Faction8 at hand and strategically weaving and placing my color we were able to create this seamless blend with NO bleach!" Madi says. 

Haircolor: Pulp Riot

Finishing products: Verb

Bond Builder: Redken Ph Bonder

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