Based in Visalia, California, @Sydniiee - known for her amazing transformations - had her hands full with this correction. Here she shares the details for the seven hour makeover on this first time client:

“During our consultation I found out that she just wanted to be a nice blonde, not necessarily platinum,” the artist says. “I warned her that there might be a possibility that it would take several sessions to correct her hair because I had to be wary of her previous lightening on the ends that were pretty compromised, as well as I wasn’t sure what was used to create the brassiness that was taking up 60% of her hair.”

STEP 1: Balayage (instead of foiling) to keep an eye on “everything” during processing. Apply Wella Freelights and 40 volume to fine sections and process for one hour in open air.

STEP 2: Once processed, do a quick bleach bath in the bowl from mid shaft and ends to bump everything slightly and remove the over toning done to her ends. Shampoo and then deep condition. 

STEP 3: Tone using Wella Color Touch 8/81 and /66 with a little bit of 7/0. (note: “When toning it’s important to remember to tone for the problem.”) Apply the toner from the scalp to mids. Leave the ends and previous lightening out to make sure they don’t take up too much toner before the rest had processed.

STEP 4: Finish with a good cut remove damage, maintaining as much length as possible.

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