Trend Setter 410

by MODERN Staff | September 14, 2011 | Salon Tech LLC | Appliances
The adjustable dial allows the irons to heat to 410 degree, enabling the user to choose the right temperature depending on hair type and thickness.

*Longer Plates:
Longer-than-normal plates allow for less time to straighten and more time to enjoy gorgeous hair. Available in two sizes: 10” plate for 1” iron and 12” for 1.5 “ iron (other standard irons have 9” plate).
*Floating Adjustment Plates:
These specialized plates translate to dynamic alignment. This allows for even contact between hair and plates, ensuring heat is distributed evenly with every stroke.
*Auto Shut-Off:
The Trend Setter 410 and the Ceramic Trend Setter are both designed with a temperature sensor enabling for automatic shut off after 90 minutes when not in use.
*Swivel Cord:
The 8-foot professional length swivel cord helps provide better control during styling while simultaneously eliminating twisting or tangling that typically occurs.
Rusk Puremix


Rusk Puremix


The Rusk Puremix range of customized hair care is available in three regimens: Native Fig for normal hair, Wild Honey for dry hair and Activated Charcoal for all hair types.

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