mini kittour: Purrfect TSA-Approved Containers for Travel

by Anne Moratto | April 14, 2012 |

Summer jet setters can quickly and easily pack favorite beauty products like cosmetics, hair treatments, body soaps and lotions, and facial cleaners and creams, without having to worry about spills or getting held up at airline security. mini kittour’s line of functional accessories makes travel hassle-free.

mini kittour Owner & Creator and President & CEO of SeaCliff Beauty Packaging Vonda Simon explains, “I was motivated to create these travel containers because I was tired of leaving my favorite beauty products at home for fear of them leaking all over my bags. They can be filled in advance for travel at a moment’s notice, whether for an overnight trip or an extended vacation – making packing and traveling much easier and less stressful. mini kittour brings professional quality, affordable packaging to all women who don’t want to compromise their beauty routines.”

Containers are available to sell both individually and in select mini kittour kits (Daily, Overnight and Jet Setter). These reusable and recyclable components include:

Specialty top bottles – (2) 80 ml clear PET bottles with three cap options. Ideal for body wash, lotion, cleanser, bronzer, serum, foundation, hairspray, fragrance, toner and leave-in conditioner.

Squeezable bottles – (2) 100 ml HDME bottles (maximum size for TSA regulations) with flip caps. Easily dispense thicker products and secure with flip top, without any worry of losing the cap.

Small bottles – (1) 30 ml HDPE bottle and (1) 30 ml PET bottle with flip caps. Ideal for cleanser, nail polish remover, foundation, serum, toner and makeup remover.

Large jar – (1) 30 g PP jar with lined screw top. A low profile makes the jar easy to carry and a rounded bottom allows for total dispensing of products. Ideal for face crème, body butter and body scrub.

Small jars – (2) 5 g PP jars with lined screw caps. A rounded bottom allows for total dispensing of products. Ideal for moisturizer, spot treatment, wrinkle product, facial tanner and facial scrub.

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