Origami Hair Collection by Paul Mitchell

by MODERN Staff | August 1, 2014 | Paul Mitchell Systems | Hair Color

Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color's new Origami Collection presents innovative color techniques designed to spark change for guests in the salon.

Origami Collection helps stylists create four dramatically different looks:

Bringing Blonde Back
Bring out the best in previously lightened tresses
Instead of lightening, this technique adds color back in to create warmth and subtle dimension while still keeping the hair light, bright and beautifully blonde.

Full Spectrum
Beautifully natural, yet full of color
The placement means the overall look stays natural with flashes of color as the hair moves, but an updo unleashes the full effect.

Lady In Red
Ignite a shimmering halo of red
Apply different tones of red in rotating triangle placements to create a spectrum of fiery shades, alive with movement and light.

Spice It Up
Dive into the color red
Use tones that range from orangey red to violety red in order to achieve a rich, complex color, while keeping the effect subtle and natural by keeping the levels close.

Boundless creativity meets precision execution with the Origami Color Shift Kit, available beginning September 2014. For more information, visit

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