Hot Tools Turbo Ionic Dryer

by Elizabeth Jakaitis | April 6, 2015 | Hot Tools | Appliances

Hot Tools presents their latest dryer, the Tourmaline Tools 2000 Turbo Ionic Dryer. By transforming heat into a nourishing flow of far-infrared energy, this Turbo Ionic Dryer turns a standard styling session into a hydrating spa treatment. Tourmaline and Ionic technologies — and a unique pro-moisture system — work together to dry hair's inner cortex while keeping the exterior cuticle hydrated and supple. Professional features include: 700 ft. /minute airflow, Removable End Cap, 6 Speed / Heat settings, Cool Shot, multiple attachments, Hanging Ring and an 8 foot cord. One-year warranty is standard.


Features and Benefits: 


  • High airflow with tourmaline and ions (700 ft./min.)
  • Newly designed and engineered lightweight motor
  • Tourmaline ion-infused airflow
  • Removable End Cap for easy filter cleaning, longer motor life
  • 6 Speed / Heat options
  • Cool Shot for setting the style
  • Attachments

    ◊ Finger Diffuser – for curls and added volume

    ◊ Straightening Pik

    ◊ Concentrator 

  • Narrow 1-3/4" European nozzle
  • Hanging Ring / Cord Guard
  • 8 ft. Professional Cord
  • ALCI Safety Plug
  • One-year warranty


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