New UNITE Smooth and Shine for Sleek Style

by Anne Moratto | April 9, 2015 | Unite |

New UNITE Smooth & Shine ceates a smooth, sleek look with a high gloss finish.  The formula contains argan oil, crushed pearl powder and organic Hawaiian white honey.
Anti-humectant, with UV and thermal protection, Smooth & Shine can be applied anytime hair needs a little hydration or shine. Apply to wet hair and blow dry or dust a little through on dry hair for a final touch-up.

Ecru Texture Dry Texture Spray


Ecru Dry Texture Spray

Ecru New York

Holiday parties and statement hairstyles are around the corner! For added volume, ECRU New York Dry Texture Spray delivers a weightless, ultra-dry formula creating invisible texture and volume.

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