American Volume by NovaLash

by Jamie Newman | July 23, 2015 | NovaLash, Inc. |

For clients who clamor for heightened lash fullness and volume, NovaLash answers the call with new American Volume products and training.

Master Trainer, Sophia Navarro, and the NovaLash team teach how to achieve the ultimate in volume utilizing NovaLash's new American Volume products, designed specifically for this in-demand service: rapid-dry HighSpeed Platinum Bond adhesive, which can cut service time in half; superthin American Volume extensions in three curls, with three diameters each (which allows for attaching multiples on a single lash); and diamond-dusted forceps to ensure better grip.

The company's new “fan, feather and load” technique promises long-lasting lashes in a flash. “After several years in development, we're thrilled to bring clients and lash artists the ideal service for those who want full, luscious lashes,” enthuses CEO Sophy Merszei. “Not only have we perfected this difficult-to-achieve technique for feathery, fluffy results, in contrast to the block-like, clumpy Russian volume methods—we have the products and education to back up an entirely new frontier in volume lashing.”

This month, NovaLash kicks off classes across the United States with hands-on, eight-hour training sessions for experienced lash artists. Products used during training are included in the price of the class, with bonus gifts of adhesive and three boxes of Volume extensions for extension artists to practice at home. Sign up now by contacting Kacey at 866-430-1261, or visit

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