FarmHouse Fresh Pudding Apeel

by Jamie Newman | July 29, 2015 | Farmhouse Fresh | Skin Care
 FarmHouse Fresh
FarmHouse Fresh

Practically a recipe for the perfect dessert, FarmHouse Fresh creates a delectable resurfacing mask that gently exfoliates using glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy acids provided by various fruit extracts, while hydrating the skin with moisturizing honey and coconut milk, soothing green tea and honeysuckle extracts.

“It’s time to treat your face to a delicious finish using Pudding Apeel – its AHA’s help slough away dead skin cells, so you experience a gentle exfoliation, without any friction required,” says Shannon McLinden, CEO of FarmHouse Fresh. “This mask is like a daily refresh – with repeated use, it continuously helps support your skin’s cell turnover, revealing newer, younger-looking skin. The mask can be used daily to help control acne and improve the appearance of sun-damage and aging skin.”

Paraben- and sulfate-free, Pudding Apeel is made with 97 percent natural and naturally-derived ingredients, and features an all-natural fragrance.

It contains brown rice micro grains, which help exfoliate; lemon, orange and apple extracts, which provide alpha hydroxy acids that exfoliate and resurface; glycolic acid, which helps with the exfoliation of dead skin cells; green tea and honeysuckle flower extract, which contain potent antioxidants and help calm irritations; allantoin, an extract from comfrey root, which reduces inflammation; tapioca, which renders a silky finish to skin; honey, a natural humectant that conditions skin; and coconut milk, whose natural fats smooth skin and provide extra moisturizing properties.

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