Smith & Cult Spring 2016: The Tainted Lip Stained Collection and New Nailed Lacquers

by Elizabeth Jakaitis | April 11, 2016 | Smith & Cult | CosmeticsManicure and Pedicure

Dineh Mohajer, co-founder and creative director of Smith & Cult, introduces The Tainted Lip Stained collection and two new Nailed Lacquer shades this spring.

Ultra-feminine and sartorially relevant, The Tainted glossy-meets-balmy formula is both richly pigmented and deeply hydrating. Expressly formulated to deliver a subtle stain while boosting moisture levels, it masterfully blends form with function. The Tainted Lip Stained collection features two shades: Linger Sigh—honey and bruised and Sweet Suite—plastic and pink. 

Two new Nailed Lacquer shades this spring are The Bee Side—opaque buttery sunshine and Subnormal—opaque cement. Smith & Cult pairs these two with another favorite, Fauntleroy—opaque muted lavender. 

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