Get to Know Easihair Pro: Categorizing Thinning Hair and Hair Loss Treatments into Four Categories

by Jamie Newman | August 4, 2016 |
 Easihair Pro
Easihair Pro

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Easihair Pro offers a line of salon-professional products, tools and education courses in four categories: lifestyle hair, event hair, healthy scalp care and advanced training. Its lifestyle line offers the remy cuticle-intact, tape-in hair extensions, called easiLengths, as well as a top-of-the-head solution, Revive. Event hair includes a full menu of hair pieces, clip-ins and toppers. Core 4 anti-thinning wetline is specifically designed to remove and block DHT while promoting renewed hair growth. Read more about the brand below.

What should a stylist unfamiliar with Easihair Pro try first?
At Easihair Pro, it’s important to understand our customer’s challenges before providing solutions. Ask, “What are you currently using, and what has you interested in our product?” Salon professionals seek us out daily because they are either searching for more consistent hair quality, more color options or fewer backorders. After addressing those factors, we make it a priority to establish a vertical growth strategy.

What education does Easihair Pro provide?
Depending on the course, our education is delivered in one-, two- or three-day live classes, as well as virtual online classes, covering technical application and practical business systems.
In addition to our four levels of certification, we also offer front-desk training to minimize lost opportunities and turn questions into booked reservations. The most popular resource we offer is our annual Train the Trainer program to support organizations in developing their in-house experts and educators with powerful presentation skills and effective training methods.

How do you help salons drive revenue?
We first establish a salon’s goal-to-gap ratio, not just in hair extensions, but all numbers, and then we focus on a systematic approach to convert salon clients with thin, fine hair into extension clients. When salons employ our proven process, they can expect to see a conversion rate of 25 to 30 percent of non-extension clients who become dedicated Easihair Pro wearers. This significantly drives average service ticket and also increases retail sales, frequency of visits and client retention.

We coach salons to treat extensions the same way they treat color and to price treatments by the look. Our most successful salons stock our more popular colors and lengths instead of using the antiquated method of requiring a down payment, where clients return days later for their service.

What demographic does Easihair Pro best serve?
Most salon clients who wear our brand never imagined themselves as extensions clients, and this is key. Out of 158 million women in North America, 25 percent suffer with thin, fine hair and struggle to achieve sustainable volume. Our brand is ideal for those women seeking comfortable, damage-free, natural-looking volume where they need it most while also being able to add length and chemical-free color.

How do you inspire salon professionals?
We remain focused on what salon professionals ultimately want—more time, money, freedom and fewer headaches—then train them with a proven process to achieve those means. By giving salon professionals an opportunity to create in minutes what traditionally took multiple hours, we give them time back with family, friends and loved ones. At Easihair Pro, we teach, coach and train salon professionals to create a sustainable life and business by design through our quality products, repeatable processes and team of highly committed people.

Brand Educators: Lance Courtney, Bobbi Russell, Jennifer Edwards, Marina Westover, Angie Gilmore, Jennifer Pompa

Easihair Pro’s tape-in extension line consists of 39 colors and 16 dual and tri-blends. Quick-to-apply extensions are reliable, effective, durable and non-damaging. Clients love the instant, hassle-free transformation, flexibility, and newfound confidence tape-in hair extensions afford them.

Hotline: 855-704-4100

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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