HairUWear Transformations Helps Improve Client Retention for Aging Population

by Lauren Quick | August 14, 2016 |


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Mission & message:

"Our passion is to inspire women to see all the possibilities of ready-to-wear hair. We will achieve our vision by continuing to utilize high-quality human and synthetic hair, innovative designs, sophisticated manufacturing techniques and advanced technology. We stand by our products and support our customer base, stylists and industry with comprehensive education, inspired marketing, innovative merchandising and individualized customer service."


What should stylists unfamiliar with Transformations try first?

Top-of-head hairpieces are ideal for women with thinning hair or who are experiencing partial hair loss along the part, at the temples or in the crown area. The hairpieces are small, lightweight and provide coverage where it’s needed. These pieces are also perfect solutions for fine, limp, flat hair that won’t hold a style or to provide added volume.


How does Transformations help salons drive revenue?

The range of our hairpieces offers an ideal solution for many clients and makes a dramatic impact in their lives. Today’s aging population, increased stress, poor diet and environmental factors have contributed to a dramatic rise in the number of women with thinning hair, breakage and major hair loss. By offering this new service, you can improve client retention. And by servicing new clients each week, you can increase your overall revenue for the year.



What education does Transformations provide?

HairUWear on the Road is a one-day hands-on workshop offered in cities across the country. This educational seminar is designed for all experience levels and teaches everything you need to know about working with top-of-head hairpieces and wigs. You’ll learn how they’re constructed and how to style, cut and customize for your clients. You’ll also learn ways to increase your service revenues and build your retail top-of-head hairpiece and wig business with proven strategies that take the client from initial consultation all the way through to post-purchase care and maintenance. HairUWear on the Road attendees gain the confidence to offer an efficient and effective consultation whether your client requires a full wig or a smaller top-of-head hairpiece.



Phone: 888-748-9019

Facebook: HairUWearINC

Instagram: hairuwear_girl


The Transformations collection by HairUWear offers a variety of stylish solutions for women with thinning hair or hair loss. The collection includes top-of-head hairpieces, a ¾ cap and full wigs.


Best seller: 

Special Effect is a 100-percent human hair addition that provides fullness and volume, and because it’s human hair, can be styled in any fashion. It has a monofilament top that gives this piece natural movement and allows you to part the hair where you like. It also has a sheer lace front, which provides the ability to wear the hair coming forward or swept back off the face. Four pressure-sensitive clips are strategically placed for a secure attachment. Available in 17 shades.


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