Minerva Beauty Presents the Sam Villa Signature Series Cutting Stool

by Nancy Kirk| April 18, 2017 | Minerva Beauty, Inc. | EquipmentSpa Products

Minerva Beauty has partnered with Sam Villa, Global Artistic Ambassador for Redken 5th Avenue, to design a cutting stool that provides flexibility for hair stylists to cut hair in a sitting position, aiming to reduce stress on the back, legs, neck and shoulders.

The cutting stool features a stainless steel frame, 4.5" memory foam contoured cushion, air pneumatic pump, bike seat style cushion, stainless steel adjustable footrest, and premium Rollerblade wheels for easy gliding.

The stool is available in black, white, and gray, and all three colors come with the Sam Villa logo are embossed on both sides of the backrest. These stools can be found on or

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