Agadir Releases Grooming Crème and Beard Butter for Men

by Staff Writer | October 5, 2017 | Agadír International | Finishing Products

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Agadir International has two new men’s products: Grooming Crème and Beard Butter. 

The Grooming Crème provides the hair with texture and gives a flexible, light hold, for softer styles that need a touch of control with a gloss finish. It adds moisture, volume and fullness to the hair. The product contains both Oud Wood extract and Argan Oil in a non-greasy formula for a sleek design.

Beard Butter helps to mold the beard in shape, control curlicues and give a fuller effect. It also contains Oud Wood extract and Argan Oil, as well as moisturizing and conditioning agents that reduce dry skin while grooming the beard. It can be used after a shower and trim during the morning routine.

In addition to the Oud Wood extract and Argan Oil, both products contain ingredients that promote hair growth.


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