Panasonic ER-GP21-K Professional Hair Clipper

by Lauren Salapatek | March 5, 2018 | Panasonic | Clippers and Trimmers
Panasonic Professional Series Hair Clipper
Panasonic Professional Series Hair Clipper

The Panasonic Professional Series Hair Clipper for finishing and detailing features durable, stainless steel blades for a clean, efficient cut. Fixed and moving blades are spaced ultra-close for clean, precise cutting. The ER-GP21-K has a slim, lightweight design to reduce user fatigue and can be used cordlessly for easier maneuverability. 


  • Stainless steel blades are honed to a 45-degree angle for clean cutting and trimming
  • Closely spaced fixed and moving blades provide clear, precise trimming
  • Cordless operation for easier maneuverability and user convenience
  • Slim, lightweight design for comfortable use
  • Two comb attachments (3mm and 6mm) for varied clipping lengths
  • Easy, one-touch operation
  • Charge stand with attachment keeper ensures the ER-GP21-K is ready for the next use
  • Low vibration motor ensures user comfort and more control
  • Made in Japan

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