Redken Releases All Soft Mega Hair Care Range

by Staff Writer | April 6, 2018 | Redken 5th Avenue NYC | Shampoos and ConditionersFinishing Products

Redken’s new All Soft Mega superfood-infused hair care system was specifically designed to soften, nourish and replenish severely dry hair.

Infused with a nourishing superfood mix of sacha inchi extract, aloe vera gel, cactus extract and Redken’s exclusive ROOT-CORE-TIP (RCT) Protein Complex to treat hair from the root to the core to the tip, the new line can help dry, coarse and unmanageable hair be touchably soft, smooth and full of shine. 

The All Soft Mega range includes a Shampoo, Conditioner, Mega Mask, Hydramelt Leave-In Conditioner and, a first for the brand: a Recovery Tissue Mask Cap. The mask is designed to be used weekly for 10 minutes in the shower. Inspired by Korean Beauty and its trending hydrating facial masks, the mask delivers intense moisture to severely dry, coarse hair to increase hydration and manageability. 

The range includes:

Redken All Soft Mega Shampoo: Softens and adds hydration to severely dry hair while preventing moisture loss.

Redken All Soft Mega Conditioner: The conditioner nourishes dry hair from the root to the core to the tip.

Redken All Soft Mega Mega Mask: This dual formula combines the deep conditioning of a mask with the benefits of a care extender.

Redken All Soft Mega Hydramelt Leave-in Cream: As a moisturizing lotion, this cream leaves hair moisturized without making it feel weighed down.

Redken All Soft Mega Recovery Tissue Mask Cap: Intended to be used once a week for 10 minutes in the shower, this mask cap offers intensive at-home treatment for 60% less breakage when used with the All Soft Mega Shampoo. 

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