Framesi STRIKE4 Flat Iron Processing Sheets

by Jamie Newman | April 20, 2018 | Framesi | Hair Color

Framesi STRIKE4 Flat Iron Processing Sheets will process color faster than other methods. When used with framesi FRAMCOLOR BOLD direct pigments or Framesi oxidative pigments (permanent color), the brand says color can process in 20 seconds.

The flat iron set to the proper temperature of 340°-375° Fahrenheit reduces processing time to 20 seconds when using Framesi STRIKE4 flat iron processing sheets, allowing heat to speed up processing for instant deposit.

Use framesi STRIKE4 to:
• Add dimension and texture
• Introduce highlights, add “shine lines” to the mid-shaft
• Enhance color melts using artistic placement while maintaining the integrity of each direct pigment without wash out by the dominant pigment

Framesi STRIKE4 Flat Iron Processing Sheets protect the hair and heat evenly for uniform color deposit. Use framesi STRIKE4 in four steps:
Step 1: Place desired section of hair in framesi STRIKE4
Step 2: Apply desired color (e.g., FRAMCOLOR BOLD shade)
Step 3: Fold and clip STRIKE4
Step 4: Flat iron at 340°F-375°F, tap and slide with a light touch

Framesi STRIKE4 is available now through authorized distributors in the U.S. and Canada. To find a distributor in your area, visit:

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