Evolve Hair Solutions Introduces Samurai Scissors and Buttering & Melting Shears

by MODERN Staff | November 12, 2018 | Evolve | Shears

With more and more women wearing add-on hair (extensions, wefts, toppers, volumizers, and clip-in pieces), Evolve Hair Solutions is introducing the Samurai Scissors. These scissors grip each hair for a more accurate line, with no pushing and no drag. In addition, the Evolve Buttering + Melting Shears are an essential tool for tapering, blending and making lines disappear when cutting add-on hair; two shears in one.

Evolve Artistic Director Johnny Plant designed the shears and scissors for Evolve Hair Solutions. They are created with Japanese cobalt 440C steel with a Japanese ball bearing screw. This helps the blade glide and stay sharper longer. Evolve’s shears and scissors are not only excellent tools to cut add-on hair but are for natural hair as well. Each order comes with a stylish carrying case, deerskin cleaning cloth and screw tightening lever.

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