Udy Cheatham feels supported by a company that truly cares for stylists and empowers her to help...

Udy Cheatham feels supported by a company that truly cares for stylists and empowers her to help her team achieve and succeed.


Before joining the Salon by InStyle, Udy did her homework. She discovered the company offers lots of programs that are aligned with her dedication to helping stylists grow. “I worked for other corporations that didn’t see things the same way,” she says. “I saw how much this company invests in their salons, how much they care about our business and about the beauty industry. They are as passionate about beauty as I am!”


As a dedicated coach and leader, Udy is most gratified when she can make a difference for a fellow stylist. When she assumed her Salon by InStyle manager position, she encountered a stylist who was struggling. Making this stylist a priority, Udy patiently worked with her, helping her set and achieve goals and overcome her personal obstacles and soon her career turned around. “She wrote me a card, telling me how much I inspired her,” Udy recalls. “She quoted Proverbs 31 about a wise woman of noble character and appreciated me for taking the time to sit down and talk to her. This company allows me to make a difference.” 


Udy has never shied away from hard work, but as a business owner and as an employee for other companies, she felt as if she never had much to show for her efforts. “I did all the work but at the end of the day, I felt there wasn’t much left,” she recalls. “With this company, I have savings through my 401k, I have medical insurance, I have paid time off. All those benefits were unheard of when I was self-employed. Now I can go on vacation, which my kids never saw me do, and still have money coming in. They tell me, ‘Mom, we’re so  happy for you!’”


Every stylist knows how important tools and products are to support their work, and Udy notes that the Salon by InStyle offers options for every single hair type and texture. “I’ve never seen a salon with such a wide selection of products,” she notes. “And they are high quality products! It makes it easier for stylists to create and easier to make money through retailing because we really do carry everything.”


“This company has a basic Golden Rule philosophy--do unto others as you would like done onto you. And they don’t just say it, they actually live the Golden Rule. That speaks volumes as far as I’m concerned. That’s how I know I have found the right place for me.”

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