Pharmagel, a premier line of high quality, pharmaceutical grade skincare, is celebrating a milestone of 30 years in business in 2017. This year, Pharmagel will expand its 24-sku range with the launch of two new products while also offering special edition products, including repackaged and bonus-sizes of Pharmagel staple formulations.

  “We are excited to celebrate 30 years!” Jennifer Jeziorski, Pharmagel sales and marketing, says. “It is quite an honor and we are so thankful for our loyal customers.”

We asked Jeziorski to share the backstory on a brand that has been saving face for three decades.

 MS: Please share a bit about the development of the brand.

JJ: In 1987, a husband and product-loving wife with advanced chemistry backgrounds developed and launched Pharmagel, offering quality skincare at an affordable price. Through their own scientific research, they recognized that topically applied vitamins and naturally plant-derived antioxidants could dramatically and visibly prevent and repair skin damage. Antioxidants in combination with pure, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients work synergistically, resulting in a remarkable improvement in the health and appearance of skin.

  Twelve years ago, Sam Licursi purchased Pharmagel, expanding the business into the professional beauty industry with a focus on providing products with the best ingredients to licensed estheticians and cosmologist.

 Pharmagel continues to expand its product line, offering retail and professional sizes and strong bi-monthly promotions for professionals and individuals alike.

 MS: What was going on in skincare 30 years ago?

JJ: Thirty years ago, heavy creams and lotions containing lanolin, squalane, and petrolatum were the standard skin treatments. Acne prone skin was treated with harsh, super drying cleansers and toners that typically worsened texture and complexion as skin compensated by overproducing oil in response. Overall, there weren’t many products that served an individual’s skin care needs; there were blanket-solution options that either worked for people’s skin or did not.

 MS:  How have things changed in 30 years? 

JJ: Over the last 30 years, skincare has improved in a number of ways, most notably through the understanding and acceptance that different skin types require unique products.

 For example, we now understand that part of treating acne includes hydrating the skin properly. Moisturizers nowadays differ according to when you’re applying it, how mature your skin is, and the different skin textures people have. In general, skincare has not only embraced moisture, but even recognized the benefits of lightweight oils for various purposes.

 Skin cancer awareness has risen dramatically, driving both younger men and women to prevent and treat UV damage.

 There’s also this wonderful idea that we can age beautifully, rather than idea of 'preventing' aging altogether. We have better skincare options that treat delicate skin while creating a youthful look.

 MS: What has Pharmagel done to keep pace with the changes?

JJ: Pharmagel has led the way by offering a number of pharmaceutical-grade products that address these various skin concerns.

  With our nourishing acne kit, acne blemishes clear up, the skin heals, and the appearance of redness, puffiness, and dryness are reduced through special ingredients and a unique lightweight gel. We offer three unique moisturizer formulas; our DN-24 Hydracrème for instance, is a moisturizer with Retinol and Vitamins C, B, D and E that help hydrate and energize skin, reduce the appearance of the effects of environmental stressors, and give it a revitalized and youthful appearance. It is also acne-friendly. For sun protection, we offer an ultra-sheer daily two-in-one Sun Therapè moisturizer, which not only protects skin from harmful rays, but improves complexion, texture, and appearance. It is an advanced face and body moisturizer, with SPF 35 and lightweight moisturizing ingredients that pamper skin while guarding from environmental damage.

MS: And some of your most recent launches?

JJ: Pharmagel continues to innovate, launching age-defying products that are both therapeutic and protect skin from further damage. Two of our latest products are our Pharmagel Nourish Cleanse and Pharmagel Nourish Oil, which are packed with nourishing vitamins and omega fatty acids, which help preserve skin’s youthful appearance. Lightweight argan, seabuckthorn, marula, cranberry, and avocado oils aid in skin recovery and restore it to optimal radiance and luminosity. These lightweight formulas soften and nourish as they cleanse and absorb, quickly providing a boost of vital moisture without leaving a greasy residue or breaking skin out.


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Originally posted on Salon Today