Ravishing Red Makeover: Redken Formula, Bellami Hair Pro Extensions

by Anne Moratto | February 26, 2019
Hair byAlex Pardashian @alexpardashian Alex Pardashian @alexpardashian
Hair by
Alex Pardashian @alexpardashianAlex Pardashian @alexpardashian

Alex Pardashian @alexpardashian of Detroit stopped thousands mid-scroll with this best-tressed redhead. His client told him she wanted "a big change" and that she'd wanted to go red, forever, but was too afraid to trust anyone but Pardashian to transform her hair and her total look.  

STEP ONE:  "I filled her with Redken Shades Eq Gloss 07G+07C for 7 minutes, rinsed, dried, and did an all over color with Color Fusion 6GB+6CR 10vol on the roots and 20 volume everywhere else to avoid hot roots!

PRO TIP: "Reds can be tricky to make look natural, you have to add gold and some neutral in there so it’s not hot!

STEP TWO: "After, I did three rows of Bellami Hair Pro Volume weft hand-tied extensions 20 inch in Chestnut Brown, and I glossed them with Shades Eq 06NB for 5 minutes, it was just a piiiiiinch too red for her!

And he concludes with: "Let me know if these formulas are helping anyone! I love sharing!" So do we, Alex! So do we.  

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