Joico Uses Virtual Reality to Enter the World of Healthy Hair

 Many people have never experienced Virtual Reality or VR, even in its simplest forms, but as VR proliferates the market place, more and more brands from varying industries will start to experiment with new ways of engaging audiences. Joico is among the first in the pro-hair space to do this because they believe VR is the new way to bring a “gotta-see-it-to-believe-it” product experience to life. 

In late 2018, Joico embarked on a series of “roadshows” announcing a new product that would be launched in March 2019: DEFY DAMAGE. This new line of a 2-step professional in-salon bond-protecting and color-protecting treatments, and an at-home care range had to be seen and felt to be believed.

Through its various “roadshows” across the U.S. to its distributor partners, many have already experienced the wonderful world of damage protection and healthy hair through this Defy Damage VR experience.

International Data Corporation (IDC) announced on December 6, 2018 that “[w]orldwide spending on augmented and virtual reality is forecast to be nearly $20.4 billion in 2019, an increase of 68.8%...” over their expected spend for 2018. And it’s not stopping there. They expect worldwide expansion for a decade or longer. Apart from the obvious leaders such as gaming and training, IDC says one of the commercial industries to establish a firm usage will be in retail showcasing. Here’s where Joico, a professional haircare brand, known for innovation in product formulations, took a cue from the gaming and training worlds and made “experiential” more than just a buzz phrase.

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