For salon manager Aneesha Nichols, it’s all about empowering her stylists to be amazing and...

For salon manager Aneesha Nichols, it’s all about empowering her stylists to be amazing and creative and share their gifts.


Like many stylists, Aneesha’s journey has not been a straight line. She began her career at JCPenney and also spent time working for other companies. Those experiences made her realize The Salon by InStyle is a place where the sky is the limit for anyone. “I have worked hard for what I’ve achieved,” she says. “But the company also recognized my talent and was willing to support me with new opportunities.”


For salon managers, recruitment is always a top priority. Aneesha feels the Salon by InStyle gives her many advantages when inviting stylists to join her team. One of her most effective “tools” is the ability to allow stylists at a certain level to set their own hours…and prices! “For example,” she says, “I give a really good short haircut. I’m able to charge $75 for my haircuts and my clients pay that price. Plus, we can offer stylists up to 70 percent commission—the highest in the business. At this company, everyone earns what they’re worth.”


“In our salon culture, if someone is in trouble, hands reach out to help,” says Aneesha. “Something terrible happened to one of my stylists right before the holidays. It was a bad situation. The company jumped in, made sure her rent was paid and her kids had a great Christmas. She had support that went well beyond work. I love that this company is so family oriented.”


Everyone in beauty gets to meet new people all the time—that’s what makes the profession so special. For Aneesha, one chance meeting was more special than most. “I was having a bad day,” she remembers. “I came to work but I wasn’t dressed well, and I wasn’t doing well. Some things were going on personally. So my manager at the time told me to go home and take care of myself and try again tomorrow. As I was leaving the mall, I dropped something, and a guy picked it up. He handed it to me and said, ‘I can tell something's wrong, but you still look beautiful." That was 12 years ago and he's now my husband. That was my best day at JCPenney!


“Because you meet so many people who are rooting for you to move up and grow in this company!”

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