MAKEOVER: A Big Change from "The Same Ol' Do"
MAKEOVER: A Big Change from "The Same Ol' Do"
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MAKEOVER: A Big Change from "The Same Ol' Do"
MAKEOVER: A Big Change from "The Same Ol' Do"

Alisha Basore (@yourfairyhairmother), manager of Michael of the Carlyle Salon, Lonetree, Colorado, says, "This sweet young client of mine was sick and tired of the same ol’ do... And she had been rockin’ an ombré (or some version of one) for the last 2 years. What started as a small spark surrounding a holiday hair idea turned into a full explosion of color and change… And it took a full 7 hour process to achieve the end result!"

Here she shares the details for the transformation:

Step 1: T-part the hair. Starting in the back, following the natural hairline, apply heavy diagonal slices in a herringbone pattern working up from the nape to the crown, and then follow the same application technique in the front two sections (using 30 volume Matrix Light Master for the foils when applying on this natural level.)

Step 2: As a tint between the foils, apply an all over color of Color Sync (equal parts) 3VV+5VV with 10 volume. Process under a cap for 30 minutes at room temperature. (72° F)

Step 3: Prepare fashion colors, all with 10 volume developer:


1oz Blue Sapphire, .5oz Blue SoBoost


1oz 5RR, .5oz 6RV, .5oz Red SoBoost


1oz 7C, .3oz Yellow SoBoost, .2oz Red SoBoost


1oz Moss Green, .3oz Blue SoBoost, .2oz Yellow SoBoost

Remove all of the foils, shampoo the lightener and the color out thoroughly, and fully dry the hair. 

Now go back through with the exact same T-part and same sections, and apply an alternating mix of Matrix Color Sync Watercolors and Matrix Color Sync Demi-permanent colors on top of the diagonal pre-lightened (to level 9/10) segments.

Also, since 4 colors were used, use the blue and green together, and the red and orange together, alternating them throughout the sections and allowing them to take turns on which one started at the root and which one finished at the ends. (Essentially, each pre-lightened section had 2 of the 4 colors on it, fading from one to the other.)

Step 4: Once all the colors are applied, process another full 30 minutes from the time of the last fashion color application.

"I sent my guest home with Matrix So Silver Shampoo and So Long damage conditioner, as well as heavy instruction on long-term fashion color hair care… Such as cool/cold water, low temp styling tools (350° or less), and less frequent shampooing."

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