Salon manager Alyssa Ventura believes the Salon by InStyle offers a unique opportunity for booth...

Salon manager Alyssa Ventura believes the Salon by InStyle offers a unique opportunity for booth renters who no longer want to work alone, for new stylists who want to grow and for stylists who are looking for work-life balance.

When she graduated from cosmetology school, Alyssa Ventura was invited to visit the local JCPenney Salon. She checked it out, liked what she saw…and never left. Today she’s leading 30 stylists at The Salon by InStyle in Mentor, OH and loving her life.


A big part of Alyssa’s job as a manager is to talk about the upsides of working for a Salon by InStyle salon inside JCPenney. And she has so many things to talk about! One of her favorite conversations is with booth renters. “I tell them we support their independence with lots of flexibility, but they can work with us and not be alone anymore,” she says. “They can get back in the salon environment, earn up to 70 percent commission, get health benefits, a 401k and we will take care of their taxes and insurance. It makes all your dreams come true!”


“I love, love, love education,” says Alyssa. “It’s a big part of why I joined the company—we get so much extra education! We get classes on two new trends twice a year and there’s always core education available. Say you haven’t done a particular haircut in a while—you can take the class again and brush up. I see new stylists in these classes, as well as experienced stylists who are still passionate about educating themselves.”


Alyssa worked as a stylist for just a year and a half before she became a manager—a promotion she says changed her life. “When I got the offer I was in tears,” she remembers. “It was so exciting, but I was also sad because I didn’t want to leave my salon and my boss who had mentored me. But it created so many new opportunities for me and my boss said to me, ‘I don’t want to lose you, but you should go because your promotion is a feather in my cap.’ That showed me our leaders really want the best for their stylists and their teams and that’s how I try to lead.”


Whether it’s management, education, working in the home office or working with clients in the salon—there are so many places you can go with this company. I never dreamed as a girl from Canton, OH I would be doing all things I get to do. This company has done so much for me, personally and professionally. I’m part of a wonderful family!”

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