A double knotted chignon by ECRU New York's Amanda Jenkins.
A double knotted chignon by ECRU New York's Amanda Jenkins.

MODERN stopped by the ECRU New York headquarters in Fair Lawn, New Jersey and met with Global Director of Education, Amanda Jenkins, who had just wrapped up a class. We asked for a quick demo on one of her favorite looks, a double knotted chignon, perfect for any bride or special occasion client.

"It's loose but still finished," Jenkins says. "It's those little imperfections that make it perfect."

Here Jenkins shares the steps:

  1. Comb the hair back to from the desired parting and create two ponytails just below the occipital (the ponytails should be of equal density.) The first ponytail is all the hair gathered from a halo parting created from ear to ear and secured in the center between the nape and occipital.
  2. Apply ECRU New York Texture Styling Balm over the top section to control small hairs and frizz. The second pony is then created by taking the rest of the hair and securing just above the first ponytail, incorporating a small section from the first ponytail to help keep both in place.
  3. Take the top knot and knot into itself, trying to keep a bit on the smaller side for a special occasion (a bit larger for a bride.) Secure with a bobby pin that is closed and “weaved” in to the hair.
  4. Take the lower ponytail and knot in the opposite direction and secure with a bobby or hair pin.
  5. With the remaining product on your hands, polish and open up the ends that pop out.
  6. Now go to the front. Take some more styling balm and emulsify in your hands. Lightly rub your hands over the surface to release some pieces.

See Jenkins create the look in this quick video tutorial:

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