Rachel Cordasco demos how-to color wefts effeciently.
Rachel Cordasco demos how-to color wefts effeciently.

Rachel Cordasco, National Artistic Educator at The Salon by InStyle/JCPenney, has coloring wefts down to a science. MODERN caught up with her at the most recent photoshoot for the brand as she was prepping hair for her model.

Cordasco starts by shampooing, conditioning and blow drying the weft to make sure the canvas is as clean as possible. When she is ready to apply color, she totally saturates each weft, applying color to both sides, directly from the tube to the length of the weft (she prefers Matrix SoColor Cult.) The color is "worked in" to the weft with her hands, rather than pulled through, which Cordasco believes is faster and prevents damage. She presses the color in to the hair when working with wefts, "mooshing" the preferred shade in from the top to the bottom to ensure even saturation.

The very efficient Cordasco fans the wefts out, then separates them with plastic wrap, stacked in layers, so that she can watch them process.

In this short video, see Cordasco in action as she gives GREAT tips on how to efficiently color wefts so that the color is seamless and lasts:

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