Hair color makeover by Kristyn Wilson (@Colorbykristyn)
Hair color makeover by Kristyn Wilson (@Colorbykristyn)

It’s been two years since this client has been to the salon (she had a baby!) “She finally decided to she wanted to go back to blonde,” says Kristyn Wilson (@Colorbykristyn) of Tease Salon, Costa Mesa, California. “All of her regrowth was virgin hair so instead of going through and foiling the whole thing which would end up taking multiple sessions to get her to her desired look, I decided to bleach the whole thing out.”

STEP 1: Section into 4 quadrants. Start in the back and put every piece in a foil (“Platinum Card”) to keep the bleach from drying out. Leave about an inch out by the root “because I was going to tap that last once most of the hair in the foil was finished processing.” Formula: Schwarzkopf Blondme with 20 volume and bump up to 30 volume on the last sections.

STEP 2: Pull each foil down and apply the same lightener with 20 volume to the roots. Process to the desired lift.

STEP 3:  Go to the bowl and pull the bleach through the brassy ends and wash everything out.

STEP 4: Add a root shadow for a more natural look - and for a less dramatic grow-out.  Apply Schwarzkopf More Vibrance 6-12 with 6 volume to the root area. Process for ten minutes.

STEP 5: While processing, tone the rest of the hair with Schwarzkopf More Vibrance  9–5,1.

STEP 6: Finish with one more toner on top of it For an extra icy look: Guy Tang Mydentity 10A and Clear.

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