Hair color makeover by <span class="s1"><strong>Robin Del Toro</strong> (@robindeltoro).</span>
Hair color makeover by Robin Del Toro (@robindeltoro).

Robin Del Toro (@robindeltoro), owner of Parlour, Tracy, CA, says "Think about your canvas and create based on that! My client, came to me for the first time and gave me complete control. She had some major new growth that needed to be brought up, however, with our time constraints for the day, we wouldn’t be able to address that at this appointment. I wanted to give her beautiful color that didn’t look grown out."

Here Del Toro shares details:

Step 1: Begin by sectioning The hair into three sections; the top, the parietal, and the nape.

Step 2: Apply Joico Amethyst Purple to nape section where blonde meets new growth and blend down into Joico Lilac.

Step 3: Take horizontal subsections of parietal section. Using Colortrak color control film, making sure to hold hair and film at a 90 degree angle apply Joico Pink where blonde meets new growth and blend down slightly. Then, with a new brush, apply Joico Clear to end area of Pink and blend to make a light pink. Then, again with a new brush, apply another section of clear. Then apply Joico Yellow mixed with Clear and blend up into clear and down into another clear area. Then apply Joico Cobalt Blue and blend into previous clear section. Each color should seamlessly transition into the next. Repeat this process in same order throughout the entire parietal section making sure to remember to hold each subsection at a 90 degree angle from head. 

Step 4: Again, apply dark purple where blonde meets new growth and blend down into light purple.  

Step 5: Allow to process for 20 minutes. 

Step 6: Rinse purple sections first using cool water while keeping the parietal rainbow section elevated as to not allow the purple water to run onto it. Once the water is running clear, begin rinsing rainbow sections. 

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