Color correction by Sue Tyrrell (@suetyrrellstylist)
Color correction by Sue Tyrrell (@suetyrrellstylist)
Sue Tyrrell of the Cayman Islands began to specialize in color just over two years ago and says "It was the best decision I ever made!" 
MODERN found her amazing page (@suetyrrellstylist) on Instagram and wanted to know more about this recent post. "This client had her hair globally bleached six months ago," Tyrrell says. "Her hair was extremely over processed and damaged with harsh banding through out."
Here she shares the details for the correction, using all Truss Professional products:
STEP 1: Blow dry K Recovery into dry hair. 
STEP 2: Lighten with Air Libre Lightener with 10 volume, finishing with 20volume mixed with 8 x Powder and K Recovery for added protection. Start at the back alternating weaving patterns, foiling every piece of hair and teasing all the hair at the top of the head for a seamless blend. 
STEP 3: Process for 30 minutes. Shampoo with Blond shampoo and then apply Deluxe Prime protein infused spray to "restore the hair leaving it soft and silky."
STEP 4: Finish with Champagne Blond Deluxe Prime to neutralize warm tones. Follow with Blond Conditioner. 
STEP 5: Style with Aminos Spray to increase hydration and apply Instant Repair for added shine. 

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