Hair color makeover by Amber Mahaffey (@coloroutsidethelineshs)
Hair color makeover by Amber Mahaffey (@coloroutsidethelineshs)

Amber Mahaffey (@coloroutsidethelineshs) of Surfside Beach, SC, says her client comes in every 6/8/12 weeks and "changes it up on every visit. It makes it a challenge but fun,” Mahaffey says. “This peach melt is her favorite!”

Here Mahaffey shares the details for the update:

STEP 1: Bleach out all new growth with OligoRPO plus 30 volume developer, with Brazilian Bond Builder added. Process for 40 minutes.

STEP 2: On wet hair, apply Pulp Riot Vivid Eraser plus 10 volume, at the bowl. Process for 10 minutes.

STEP 3: Tone all over with equal parts Redken Shades EQ 1oz 9v, 1/4 oz 9b, 1/4 oz 9p and Clear. Cover with a plastic cap and allow to sit on damp hair for 20 minutes. 

STEP 4: Apply fashion colors in color melting technique:

Root: Joico Hot Pink with a splash of Magenta.

Mids to ends: Pulp Riot Lemon, Pulp Riot Lava with one ribbon of Cupid, to straight Lava.

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