The Amazing Career and Lifestyle Workshop

There is no purpose for me crossing the river of life other than sharing with you where the rocks are. It might have initially been about being cool, making it big or gathering possessions. Just a bit later on, I realized the challenges just keep on coming. I remember when I thought that as soon as I got to that place, reached that goal, made that money, it was all going to settle down and be done with, but life keeps moving the goal post and the climb continues. If you are breathing, you are trying to get on top of something.

There is no higher purpose than sharing your solutions with others. How many times have you thought, “If I had only known, I would have done it differently?” Why didn’t someone who came before you tell you? Go figure. As I close my career in the beauty industry, I want to do just that and invite you to do the same. Let’s be a helping community where everybody wins.

It’s not about fame, followers, likes or kisses on social media. It’s about making a difference until life says stop. If we touch just one life, it’s all worth it. My career and struggles do not qualify me to write, speak or teach you—my solutions do. So, I worked long hours on a learning experience that brings a heightened awareness of challenges and solutions faced by salon professionals -- a conversation hardly anyone is having.

The program launches this summer in a workshop format at IBS Las Vegas.

Items to be covered include:

~Making your needs a priority, not just taking care of others

~I’m number one—everyone else take a number ~Understanding your money, not as an expert, but you will retire – so, on what?

~Getting off the paycheck-to-paycheck rollercoaster

~Preventing long-term injury from standing, round brushing and holding your arms out

~Addressing toxins from product usage and contaminated workspaces

~Feeding your body beneficial food and moving in a dedicated way to ward off disease

~Avoiding isolation because you are just too tired and burnt out

 Perhaps, my friends, you’re already on top of this. If not, please check these life markers against your present situation and consider joining me in Vegas. The education is available for in-salon training, groups and events. Due to the intimate nature of the learning, seating is limited.  

What: The Amazing Career and Lifestyle Workshop

When: June 16th 10am-1pm

Where: IBS Las Vegas Convention Center Info:

 Carlos Valenzuela is as a Hairdresser, educator, ex-salon & school owner, author and corporate spokesperson with forty-five years of beauty expertise. His focus today is guiding salon professionals in developing a more fulfilling career & lifestyle via seminars,  events and thru his blog with Modern Salon online magazine and his Tiny Steps Podcast.   podcast: email: Instagram:@tinystepspodcast Facebook: Twitter: @CarlosV51839557 Linkedin:



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