Raylene Cravens, owner of Lash By Lash, Nichols Hill, Oklahoma, is the 2019 NovaLash LashOff winner. Part of her prize was to work with famed photographer Roberto Ligresti on a MODERN photoshoot. This one was a particular bonus because she got to show her expertise on both a female and male model.

Cravens was joined by Zach Falb, NovaLash global master trainer for guidance and support. Both are passionate about lashing and more importantly, proper application.

“You must perform the step by step to ensure damage-free long-term results,” Falb says. Cravens adds, “Eliminating steps will result in unsatisfactory results and a loss of a client.”

Cravens emphasizes that lash looks vary with the seasons.

“Winter is more dramatic because of the holidays, spring tends to be lighter because of allergy season, and summer is what I call medium building to a stronger fall.”

Cravens, a former hairdresser who dabbled in lashes before turning to the craft full time, became a NovaLash Lash Artist two years ago.

Cravens points out that lashing is not just for glamour—or for women only. For men, Cravens advises using extensions that are a bit shorter with less curl.

“I rarely apply a full set to men,” she says. ”But even a few can make a difference.”

Lash Artist: Raylene Cravens for NovaLash
Hair: Rafe Hardy, Sexy Hair artistic director
Assistant: Dawn Atkinson, Sexy Hair international master artist
Photographer: Roberto Ligresti
Makeup: David Maderich for Face Atelier
Fashion styling: Sabine Feuilloley

Lash Service: NovaLash C Curl extensions in .05 and .07 diameters, lengths 8, 10, 12 and 14 mm; Gel Pads; High Speed Platinum Bond Adhesive; The Light by NovaLash, The Reflector; Lash Cloud Pillow, miniMr.
Makeup: NovaLash 24 Cream Shadows and Jet Liner in Oak

Get a little "behind the scenes" snippet as Cravens adds lashes to our male model:

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