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On May 31, Duffy was tasked with styling top models, including Kendall Jenner and Kaia Gerber, for Alexander Wang's fashion show. 

To create the natural looks for "Alex's Girl Gang," Duffy used the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer professional edition. Using the tool allowed him to showcase the models' natural hair texture and qualities while giving them individual looks. 

Get the Look:

Braided Looks:

  • Use the Dyson Supersonic to Blow-dry natural hair before creating the different patterns.
  • To start, use the Smoothing Nozzle to blow-dry hair straight down from the root, without parting the hair, stretching the hair’s natural texture of hair.
  • Chevron braid
    • To create the braided chevron look, part hair down the center of the head from front to back and chevron the hair away from the head so that it creates a crown-like appearance on top.
    • Next, cover the braids in mousse and use the diffuser attachment to dry them, allowing the braid to relax on the head while sealing in any baby hairs/flyaways.
  • Spiral braid
    • To create a classic spiral, start from the top of the head working along the outline of the head.
    • Continue so that all hair is completely contained, creating a tight silhouette.
    • Once finished, cover the braids in mousse and dry them using the diffuser attachment.

Ponytail Looks:

  • The ponytail looks were inspired by the turn of the century, with references to the Ming Dynasty, so the goal is to create a flat silhouette.
    • Each ponytail look is achieved by drying hair with the Dyson Supersonic, flattening hair, sectioning it off and binding it.
  • To create the first ponytail look:
    • Apply setting lotion to hair and then blow-dry hair back and down, following the direction of the head.
    • Keep the nozzle flat so that there is no root whatsoever, creating a flat look.
    • Hold each section flat on head to create as little volume as possible.
    • Hold the section onto the shape of the head while hair is hot to allow it to cool down, creating the closest hugging sensation possible for hair.
    • Next, side part hair with a front panel creating a fringe area and then divide hair into two sections, so hair is straight back on the side.
    • Create a ponytail starting right above the occipital bone, folding and stitching the hair and set hair by drying using the diffuser attachment.
    • Clamp the ends with an iron and hair spray to create a “shard” from the neck.
  • To create the second ponytail look:
    • Apply gel to hair and blow-dry using the Dyson Supersonic.
    • Heat the product into the hair to smooth the cuticle and create a very reflective, high-shine surface.
    • Bind hair with leather to resemble a bullwhip
  • For third ponytail look: 
    • Start out similar to the second look but section hair into three instead of two.
    • Apply setting lotion and use the Dyson Supersonic to blow-dry hair down and flat with no root volume.
    • Create a section of hair from the middle of one eyebrow to the middle of the other, all the way to the nape of the neck creating a central section.
    • Dry this central section back as tight to the head as possible, allowing for the parting to be seen and the hair doesn’t look loose and make it a ponytail.
    • Dry each side section straight down and then take them over each ear, securing a ponytail behind each ear to create the three individual ponytails.
    • Bind each ponytail by the ears and napes with leather.

To finish each ponytail look, soak hair in hairspray and use the Smoothing Nozzle to set hair and smooth the cuticle, creating as shiny and reflective of a surface as possible.

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