Moroccanoil Appoints Jay Elarar as CEO

Moroccanoil, a global leader in argan oil-infused beauty, announces the appointment of Jay Elarar as Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately.

 Elarar brings intimate understanding and commitment to the brand, having begun his career with Moroccanoil as Director of Sales in 2012, when the company was only five years old. Elarar was later promoted to the position of Global Vice President of Sales—and during this period he shifted the company decision-making process to be more data-driven, with a strong focus on the professional salon channel and distribution strategy.

 Elarar will spearhead new product innovation and strategies for bringing products to the market while optimizing global operations at the company. As Moroccanoil continues to pioneer oil-infused beauty, Elarar will draw on his experience in the professional channel to drive growth there while advancing its omnichannel approach, leveraging high-growth channels within eCommerce, Travel Retail, Retail and International markets.

 “We have always made it our mission to be young at heart, to be bold and take calculated risks—a philosophy that has led to our success as a company,” said Elarar. “Moroccanoil has an unparalleled team of passionate and talented leaders. Together with them I want to build on that mission as we enter into an exciting new chapter for the company—one of customer-focused authenticity and cementing our legacy for the future.”

 Along with Co-founder Carmen Tal, Elarar will lead the company’s sustainability journey to reduce the brand’s overall environmental impact. This includes increasing the company’s use of renewable energy, using more sustainable packaging, reducing waste and distributing personal care products to people in need—all steps that will help fulfill Tal’s mission to not only create beauty for customers, but to be a force for good in the world.

Finally, Elarar plans to expand the brand’s professional and educational offerings with the launch of a new 8,500-square-foot academy in Manhattan in 2020. Elarar will continue to introduce new digital and 


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